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Knit Yourself Calm

KNIT YOURSELF CALM - Weekly Knitting Group exploring Anxiety, Depression and Change - for all genders.
Thursday Evening 7.00-8.30pm

Do you stick to the pattern or are you able to improvise and make things up as you go along?
What happens if things go wrong - a dropped stitch or worse?
How do you deal with tension, stress and hanging colours?
Experiment with bringing more colour into your knitting and into your life.
Cost £15

Even as a counsellor, I haven’t found a way to beat the winter blues. Usually over the winter months, I end up feeling low and melancholic due to the lack of light. I have one of those bright SAD lights which helps enormously. However, this year, when it got to March, I realised that I hadn’t felt low or depressed over the winter. I started wondering what had changed.

Looking back, I realised that since November, I had been knitting a very exuberant shawl in bright pinks, yellows and oranges. So I’ve started wondering whether knitting in these bright colours had impacted my mood and well-being. I felt optimistic and happy with my life, being busy with present and future projects.

Since the days of Kaffe Fassett, I’ve always knitted with lots of different colours and I get caught up in the process of knitting and changing colours, working out patterns and future possibilities in my head. Whilst there are many people who can knit at speed with single colours, I’m definitely not one of them. I’m actually quite slow and I use YouTube videos to help me with complicated stitches, but my interest lies in blending the different strands of yarn to create aliveness and texture into whatever I’m making.

And in the doing, the knitting becomes like a meditation. Feeling and seeing this single strand of yarn moving through my fingers and transforming into knitted fabric stitch by stitch - I lose track of time and I feel calmed by the process. And when it is all over, I’ve created a work of art, a one off, bringing pleasure to the friend who receives this unexpected gift from me.

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